Death of Aleppo – Al Jazeera World


Al Jazeera World follows the everyday lives of Aleppo residents living amid the ongoing conflict and destruction.

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  1. As been born and raised in war, I don't like it at all. I didn't know peace in my childhood. For 15 yrs my country fought liberation war from the British occupants. Lost my Nephews,cousin and friends. When I hear about war I don't imagine what's going on but I know how the suffering the people are. No food,medicine,peace and deaths. please bring peace in the world. stop the war. I know some are benefiting from it but is it worth it.

  2. To this day I still don't understand why the Western rulers — not the everyday joe like me — wanted to remove Assad. Haven't they learned after Saddam and Gaddafi? Assad ain't done nothing to us man. To the anti-Assad folks who went along with the trouble makers in Aleppo, cry me a river. Like Kirk Russel said in Wyatt earp, "You called the thunder, and you got it!"

  3. I know I'm gonna get trolled and sound very ignorant right now but I genuinely did not know that it snowed over there smfh just more hardship for these poor people. This is so sad almost unbearable to watch. God bless them all and their will to continue and move on w their lives

  4. Sometimes I want to thank God for me having a decent life, but but I dont do it because then I remember that this kid dont even have water and God does not help them.

  5. this is just too much, how can the earlier time be more worse……. what cost people are paying for this kind of freedom, where there's no one left behind…….

  6. Assad and his militias from Iran and Iraq and Lebanon have killed more than 750000 Syrian people and lunched several chemical attack on innocents in Refi Damishq and Idelb … only murders like Bashar alassad will support him

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