Debate: Sexism In Science


Nobel scientist Tim Hunt has been criticised for saying male and female scientists should be kept apart at work “because girls cry when they are criticised”.

Debate between Dr Emily Grossman and Milo Yiannopoulos.



  1. I saw half of the video and all i hear is that she complains over and over again about that women should earn more, because they're emotionally more vulnerable


  2. As a girl who will study computer science, I agree with Milo more. Women shouldn't be working with men if they don't want to be in a male dominated field. The problem is that radical feminists say that these fields are sexist when they're actually not, then go and encourage young girls. Hypocritical? Isn't it? I'm no way a feminist and I think this whole thing of getting girls into STEM is becoming ridiculous. If they don't want to, leave them alone, if they do, let them! We don't need more women, we need passionate people REGARDLESS of gender!

  3. Women scientists in general dont cry or care what men think about them. Theyre usually where they are because they had the brain or ambition to do what they wanted.

  4. Milo then advocated that we discriminate against women in science by putting a gender gap. Thus advocating we create this sexism he gets mad at others for claiming other's exist.

  5. she says"not all but some men and women face lack ov confidence in joining science and technology,so there should be provision of support and special treatment for girls so they can build confidence" wtf

  6. We should stop raising women to need approval from others. Ultimately, we are all personally responsible for our own successes and failures. Those who succeed and fail alike will face similar obstacles, but they make different choices when faced with those difficulties.

  7. She is one brain dead moron. I started watching her tedtalks about why more scientists need to cry lmao I couldn't even watch the whole thing because it was so dopey

  8. Despite our capability of intellectual thought and our ability to overcome our instinctual habits, it seems the one thing that hasn’t changed is the way a male and female determine who their mate will be. It is a biased, inherent mechanism that allows it’s host to determine if a potential partner is a suitable mate based on an outdated, instinctual algorithm produced by the primitive brain chemistry of human’s evolutionary need for procreation.

  9. and @ whoever replied "just because i'm too stupid to get it doesn't mean all girls are" and deleted their comment, I wasn't "too stupid" I actually did really well, and so did most girls, I did better than some who didn't drop it. It just didn't interest me, just saying (:

  10. Lol wth? My bio class was 90% female there ain't no sexism there. And half of us (including myself) ended up dropping it, not because of we felt oppressed but because it was boring af and we had no interest. I'm not gonna do science just to please some statistics to make it equal wth these women lmaoooooo

  11. A man gives weak arguments, attempting to misrepresent data, then tries to interrupt her and finally resorts to goading her with incendiary comments. Bravo to Dr. Grossman keeping her cool in the face of that guy's tomfoolery.

  12. Why are men so terrified of CRYING what a pussy. Yet she isn't allowed to finish a sentence because the blowhard won't shut up. It's men being afraid of women that is the problem.

  13. Whatever. I work in scientific research and the majority of my colleagues are women. It's a non-issue. We are adults. There are no crying women and there are no whiny men bitching about coddled females or unfair advantages. Everyone is accountable and everyone does their job well. That's what it looks like in the my world.

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