Doge Vs Monkey In Japan – Wild Japan – BBC


Japanese farmers have been using the internet’s favourite dog to pretect their crops from thieving monkeys!

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  1. I have to wonder how the locals feel about the BBC during all this. The BBC is filming monkeys stealing their crops and doing nothing to stop it.

  2. Instead of a dog these farmers should use rifles, after all they kill whatever pest is damaging their crops, and those goblin thieves became a pest the moment they ate the first fruit.

  3. This surely isn't a purebred Shiba but a mixture of some Asian/Japanese spitz breeds but of course it's very close to the official FCI standard.

    Also you usually don't say Shiba Inu anymore in non-Japanese countries because "Inu" only means "dog". It's only there for the Japanese to differentiate from other possible meanings of the word Shiba. Same with the Akita and all the other Japanese spitz breeds.

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