Donald Trump: His words and body language


Many US Presidents throughout history are still remembered today for their way with words.

But, while some have criticised Donald Trump for lacking the eloquence of his predecessors, there’s little doubt he’s been a powerful communicator on his way to the White House.

Sky’s Ashish Joshi reports on the new President’s use of rhetoric.

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  1. sky news has lost it . too left reporting is also unfactual the latest over the voting to stop Trump coming to the UK. why does sky not look at the real figure as more than half the people who have signed are not even in the uk

  2. Not…….., all of πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ …us Voted for Trump. Just a lot of White Religious People and …White Religious double standard People Who have Cramed down, …Anglo Saxon American God…))) down our throats for about 3-4 decades….πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  3. Disgusts me how new world order misinfo sky news can be at times. President Trump is more detailed and honest than Obama and especially Bush ever was. There were numerous times when both former presidents would come out and lie for the entire speech supporting never ending war and destruction of the Bill of Rights. From Bush and his psychopathic support of the Sabbatean Frankist Satanist new world order and Obamas continuance of the same and his addition of orchestrated mass shootings designed to help justify gun control and ultimately gun confiscation. Although Obama importantly stood against them by making a deal with Iran which will prevent world war .

  4. He mastered non-verbal communication? Listen I'm not supporting no one right now, but there is nothing profound in the way Donald Trump speaks or acts. Please people do not try to normalize the Trump situation, because this presidency is anything but normal and it's only his third day.

  5. If this guy is so smart with his body language why doesn't go and run- I for one think he's an idiot very stupid person I wouldn't listen to anything he said based on his conviction.

  6. We are in dangerous times.Β  Trump has immediately begun attack the media.Β  This is a deeply troubling precedent.Β  Authoritarian regimes always attack opposition media.Β  Trumps regime threatens personal liberty, free speech and personal safety.

  7. President,Trump speaks the Truth,and doesnt b.s aroumd !!! Obama tried to speak over everyone's head never said shyte,but the uneducated people just assumed he said something important.. I Love President Trump !!

  8. Trump has the most conviction when he speaks. Intellectuals dream about being able to do what Trump does and make a strong point in few words using simple language. Trump is a genius.

  9. God Bless Mr President Donald J Trump – Drain The Swamp – Build That Wall – MAGA – Save Western Civilisation – Global Peace Through Strength – Repeal Political Correctness & Replace With Common Sense

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