Egypt’s war on Al Jazeera journalists: Q&A


Egyptian national Mahmoud Hussein – a news producer for Al Jazeera Media Network – has been held for nearly two weeks after being accused of “spreading chaos” by the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
Hussein is the latest Al Jazeera journalist detained by Egyptian authorities. Al Jazeera’s Baher Mohamed and Abdullah Elshamy both spent hundreds of days in prison in Egypt.
On Sunday they discuss the continued crackdown on the media in the country.

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  1. everyday we get confronted by the fact that many people dont kno what is real and not… Malcolm X said once the media will make us believe that our enemies are our friends and our friends we believe to be our enemies… Al Jazeera is an lie station and I Just dont understaind you people dont see it…

  2. This is such an unfortunate event, Mahmoud is an excellent journalist. I've come to truly enjoy and appreciate his work. Is there anything we the viewers can do to help? I have faith this condemnation of the press will come to an end. May God and the law be with you all, especially Mahmoud.

  3. God bless Al Jazeera reporters coz we got to know the middle east better and the world by the Al-Jazeera reporters .I pray for the reporters who are behind the bar in Egypt . Shame on Egyptsian dictators who are violating the freedom of press .

  4. Sorry mate! El Sisi did not say that the media must speak with one voice. What his said was that the media should not  militate and make statements which would be against the interest of the country. Criticism is welcome if it helps the country correct any errors and which would result in progress. It is only non- constructive and demeaning criticism which is not welcome. There is nothing wrong with that.

  5. Sorry?! Did the host said that he forgot the name of an innocent journaliste who has been condemned to death?! If he is truely innocent then he is a hero and a potential martyre and as such a very important person and symbol. The forgetting of his name indicates that this is not the case. This is also especially the case since the two guests who are supposed to be his colleagues they too did not know the name of that presumably "innocent" hero!

  6. Much respect to Al Jazeera reporters in Egypt for their professional journalism. Maybe it would be better to keep them at home and pay undercover Egyptians to feed information secretly to Al Jazeera.

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