English speakers in Cameroon struggle for equal opportunity


Protests in Cameroon have been ongoing for almost a year now, but they are slowly transforming into a separatist movement. People in the country’s English-speaking regions say they are discriminated against and marginalised when it comes to jobs, education, and justice. What will it take to end the unrest?

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  1. The official language of Sub-Saharan Africa should be the Somali Language. So long as africans keep worshipping demi-gods and keep speaking colonial languages, rest assured you will remain behind the world.

  2. Majority of anglophones do not want separation. Just a small percentage. And I don't understand why we are fighting over languages and cultures that don't even belong to us..both French and English.

  3. Southern cameroon want to liberate themselves from the neocolonial rule of France. We are a people with a different culture and far from just the issue of language. We've been marginalised under the oppressive rule of La republic du Cameroon for so long. Now from just a simple question of the system of education to – common law to decentralisation – to de militarization- Federation which were all turned down. Quess what???

    Now they're referring to Independence now.

  4. Almost all African countries are using their former colonial languages .Arabic, English, French, Portuguese etc.instead of developing their own mother tongue they stuck on them. And always crying WHITE people are racist, White people looted us,killed us blah blah,,,,,,when the truth is majority of African countries are Physically Free but, still Mentally SLAVE of their former colonies. So sad !

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