Enormous Sperm Whale Spotted – Deadly 60 – Series 3 – BBC


Steve takes to the skies to search for the enormous sperm whale.

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  1. Those who are commenting on his excitement forget two things: one, he's devoted his entire life to studying nature and two, Deadly is a children's television programme!

  2. I can put up with the dance club music if I have to, but this narrator is acting as if it's his first time in a helicopter. "How's about that?" Yes, Steve – we saw it, too.

    This video is more about his giddy reactions than information (which is delivered between thrilled statements of the obvious). "It's not about the whale – it's about me REACTING to the whale!" I understand his enthusiasm, I do. Even David Attenborough got swept up in the moment when HE saw a whale. However, Attenborough was there on the ocean WITH the whale, not going cowboy-at-a-rodeo crazy from high overhead.

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