Environment vs Development – Amazon: Truth and Myth – BBC


A war is waging in Brazil between tribal rights protesters, environmentalists and agricultural businessmen. Does development really damage the environment? Interesting clip from BBC documentary ‘Amazon Turth or Myth’. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcearth



  1. @subteleferic22 Sadly this is quite true. Your relatives carry nearly the same genes you do, so if you help them you are indirectly passing your genes on. Not everyone needs to have kids 🙂

  2. @krysatheo or have no kids… not everone on this goddam planet needs to reproduce, insecure pricks

    everyone wants their share, no one cares about the environment… the end

  3. @7heAre7s most of the world oxygen come form algae, it produces more amounts of oxygen then land plant/trees. although the trees are responsible for converting carbon dioxide in to oxygen, with that said losing the forest could possibly cause a climate increase then in turn may cause drought and other affects

  4. @ZMacDougall That's the whole point of organic farming: eliminating chemicals and using natural things such as animal manure, compost, etc. That's how the natural cycle works and I don't think it can be worse than using artificial chemicals. Then if the manure is full of hormones and antibiotics, it's again non-organic farming's fault…

  5. @aciverson84 organic still uses fertilizer, its call manure and its still bad for the environment because it releases a lot of methane and contaminates ground water, and in some places you can even use pesticides and still be considered organic

  6. I just cant understand people who are so ambitious that they need so much land. And taken from the hands of people who require so little for their happiness.

  7. We need to stop having more than 2-3 kids, would solve so many problems like this one. Yeah some people need big families to survive but those people won't be reading this on youtube, so to everyone else just have enough kids to replace you and your mate, don't be selfish!

  8. @7heAre7s
    actually most of our breathable oxygen comes from photosynthetic plankton in the ocean… which also happen to be under threat from ocean acidification right now

  9. Lets just all boycott any product produced in the rain forest. The rain forest there is life and provides life/air and stable ground. If these idiots can't see the errors of their ways, they need some real intervention FAST. Killing the rain forest off is bad for the entire world.

  10. If we don't die from blowing ourselves up, we would probably slowly choke to death with the lack of Oxygen from trees, if it continues at this rate. Surely we must need trees to survive? If we hardly have any, would there not be enough Oxygen to go around the billions upon billions of people in the future?

  11. Destroying the rain forest is a real problem. Trees are, (in my view), the lungs of the planet.
    People should be planting trees, NOT destroying them for short gain monetary gains!

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