Epic Battle Between Lions and Bull – The Hunt – BBC Earth


It would seem foolhardy to tackle prey that could quite easily gore and kill you. It would be even more reckless to attempt this in extreme conditions, but the Lion is an opportunist and is not giving up without a fight.

Taken From The Hunt

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  1. 'Never Give Up' is the true term that should be given to that bull. I thought it was gonna be over for him, but when I see him got up and started chasing those 🦁 🦁 🦁's I was like damn; he make through battle.

  2. 100 dislikes why so much dislikes to this awesome channel?! No one loves animals! These 100 people who disliked doesn't love the nature and our earth…

  3. people who are thinking to give up something in life have a look at this bull and learn something from his effort no k matter what never give up in life keep fighting unless you reach your goal love you all

  4. When I think of a lion I think stealth, strategy, fast, sneaking, etc. but when I think of a bull I think of pure weight and I think of a bull using all that weight to crush someone or slam into someone (the reason this is scary is because imagination a 1,000 pound animal slamming into a 300 pound or less person all that weight when the bull runs makes it into… um… basically Imagine this… take Thor’s hammer and increase the size and weight by 2, 3, or maybe even 4 times and hang it from a strong string stand right in front of the huge hammer and pull it back and let go and let gravity swing the hammer into you… ya that’s probably going to hurt more than getting hit by a 10,000 mile per hour train because all that energy will hurt alone but also because of Newton’s 1st law an object in motion stays in motion unless there is an outside force to stop it and the object in motion is Thor’s hammer and the outside force is you and 300 pounds won’t stop a 1,000 or more pound hammer so ya and in this situation your the person in front of the hammer and the bull is the hammer so ya good luck 👍).

  5. buffalo will die eventually from all the wounds. he will get an infection, then die. maximum 6 days.. hes no longer with us as we speak. 100%. too many wounds.

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