Exclusive: Russia’s Secret Soldiers Fighting In Syria


Russia has always maintained it is not involved in a ground offensive inside Syria.

But former Russian mercenaries have given Sky News first-hand accounts of experiences on the ground in Syria, fighting for the Assad regime.

They say they were recruited by a secret private military company, given basic training in firing guns, and then flown into Syria.

Sky’s Moscow Correspondent John Sparks has this report.

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  1. Пиздабол какой то… не воин точно… и не какого отношения не имеет к чему либо военному… вообще бред ебанный

  2. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Какие же, пиндосные шлюхи! Весь Запад – гнилые лживые обоссанные трусливые паскуды! Не зря вас русские всю историю раком ставили.

  3. so first he was fighting in Ukraine with the rebels
    Wagner saw the talent in him he got aproached
     then he accepted because of the moneyand he went on a intense military training in Russia
    and after ALL OF THAT HE HAD NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE at all cause he was a SECRETARY
    and he was thrown at the first plane off to Syria :DD


  4. Everyone knows that there are Russian fighting in Syria but mostly there are part of the military and this is not a secret. They of course are ''advisers'' helping pro government forces, coordinating intelligence activities etc. but this video seems to me as a fantasy. They wanted some story about mercenaries, but it does not reflect the reality. I am not saying that they are not but does not make sense to send not trained people to Syria to be killed in the dessert. Also the way he describe the battle of Palmyra is very strange. There were Russian special forces and not amateurs with no military background. SkyNew could send some people directly to Syria and make some serious videos brining information from the source.

  5. Sky News are some really slick fa**ots. An actor that was part of this confirmed that he was impersonating a russian soldier for money. Don't trust this channel guys

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