Family of Mountain Gorillas – Cousins – BBC


In this amazing footage from the BBC wildlife series Cousins, Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek has her first encounter with a family of gorillas, including an impressive Silverback, having a siesta in the jungle. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. hey that's stupid to get so close. putting keepers and esp. Gorilla in danger if they believe the human were in danger. leave them in peace and stay in distance when reporting.

  2. Hahah ! this lady got some hard King Kong massage.

    The Gorillas have increased tho, every year in Rwanda about 20 new born baby Gorillas are named in a naming ceremony "kwita izina"

  3. I like how thay don't tell you were the gorilla are so pockets don't pick up on video that tell were the animal the less noledg on the we're abouts on the animal

    it's better to see the gorillas then know we're thare in the video. the gorillas are safer if we tack away the location in the video but the pwrdoser knows were thay are

  4. Hahaha "being kicked by a gorilla is a privilege"! This is like one of the lines in the Mean Girls movie "one time she punched me in the face, it was awesome!"

  5. Wonder how Gorilla meat tastes.. I bet its good eatin'  I'd love to go in there with an Uzi and clean house.  Hmm, maybe Ill buy a plane ticket next week…

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