Film by refugee sheds light on Australian prison camps


One of the films at this year’s Sydney Film Festival is a documentary about refugees sent to the remote Manus Island prison camp in Papua New Guinea by Australia’s government. The twist is that the film was made by one of those refugees.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney

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  1. Isn't it always so funny that Qatari AJ preaches the blight of refugees, yet Qatar has refused to take ANY refugees from any of the wars in the middle east. Fake liberals and salafist scum.

  2. If the west didn't exploit these poor nations and run them into war, but helped them not sell weapons to make profit, we wouldn't have such a problem !!!!!!!!!

  3. This is unfortunately necessary and is designed to send strong messages to the people smugglers operating in South East Asia. If it wasn't this way, the flood gates would open for illegals, and that cannot happen. Australia has a very generous refugee and migrant intake and is incredibly multicultural. Australia has THE MOST foreign born citizens as a percentage of the population in the WORLD…. (LOOK IT UP!) Next closest is Canada… The ethnic minorities in Sydney and Melbourne for example, are very similar as a percentage to many other major Western cities.  So you people who are spouting this racist country nonsense – Please stop it! You have NO CLUE!

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