Footage Of Brussels Airport Seconds After Explosion


Smoke, panic and screams in Brussels’ Zaventem Airport after two bombs went off in the terminal. This footage shows the scene just after the explosions. Read the latest here



  1. I think it's a strange thing that President Obama is in Cuba ( Caribbean) ,and not anywhere else ( European country),.. or even the united states,…maybe it was known that something was about to happen.

  2. There are over 100 verses in the Koran that teach VIOLENCE against non-Muslims, yet most Western politicians continue to lie to the public telling us that this has nothing to do with Islam. LOL.

  3. Hey Europe!Putin is not your friend!PUTIN NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!Russia is involved in the creation of ISIS!!!
    Europe does not build illusions at the expense of Russia!!!

  4. so very tragic, and horrifying 💔
    and let me guess people are gonna come on soon and say this was fake just like all other events 😧

  5. От і Євросоюз дочекався прихода маськавітів ..Путін влаштовує терористичні акти а боягузливий Євросоюз не може гідно відповісти Путіну..

  6. Again feel sorry to all victim this kind of attacking it easy to verify once not from traveler two how he to airport by public transportation or private, this suicide bomber it's individual act. second blast is train . this terror have no way out. sound like second blast must be timing bomb. more detail lather

  7. Today is a sad day for the world.
    My heart goes out to victims of such a barbaric act.

    I must say as long as we continue showering Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars this problem will NEVER go away.
    Saudi Arabia created and supports all these Sunni radical terrorist groups.

    Lets not forget that 15 out of 19 plane hijackers behind 911 were Saudi Arabians.

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