FOX and Friends 6/5/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday


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Full Show: FOX and Friends 6/5/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday
Genre: Talk, News, Bus./financial
Premise: Monday early risers get a chance to experience their own news, information and entertainment that “FOX and Friends” viewers get during the week with this weekend version of the show, currently hosted by Clayton Morris, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson. In addition to reporting and discussion of the latest news, the show features weather forecasts to help viewers plan their Monday activities.



  1. I posted here because I cant find nothing about that kid that wore a trump shirt for his graduation yearbook photo..
    I like President Trump but I also understand freedom of speach. They making a big issue over this kid but I am 62 and I remember when I went to school and you had to take year book photos.. They told you that you can not wear shirts with logos or anything other then a regular shirt or the photo would be edited or you have no photo in the yearbook… Maybe you need to look further into your stories to findout if they were notified that it was not allowed.. Half the times you will find out these kids were told the rules. Meanwhile you make a big story about first admendments and other things… Did you research the policy that the school gave out?

  2. Trump is bringing sanity back to the country. I am so pleased the American people finally woke up, just too bad the country had to fall so far before they did.

  3. white ppl need to know were the fuck they came from caucis mtns…the anchors that tlk on fox arr all radikal racist edomites that are evil even that edomite young gurl…they look and act like cops…they tlk like they about the action hahahah mothafuckas arr all nice nd clean tlkn bout deportation, racism nd other countries nd races like there gods hahahah fuckn white ppl

  4. It's NOt Jews, it's NOT Buddhists, it's NOT Christians that are chopping peoples heads-sof, or burying women in the ground and STONING-THEM-TO-DEATH – Nor is is any of THEM that are burning people to death in cages, nor chopping hands off prisoners!!!

  5. Hi Kelly Anne. The islamik Mayor of London (yes London!) says it's now pretty-normal to have these kinds of things, these acts of slaughter. He also says that London is the SAFEST city in-the-world! Have you GOT THAT???

  6. How many times have we got to SAY-THIS – WAKE-UP-PEOPLE – Now, even Richard Littlejohn's catching-on – We Are At War. We are repeatedly told that! – We are told that during WW2, in America, Japanese nationals in America were INCARCERATED. We are also told that during that same WAR, UK based, German nationals were (for everyone’s-sake) also INCARCERATED. We are told that there are some 3:500 islamik individuals that represent dangerous threats to everyone! – Well, if we ARE AT-WAR, How many more innocents have to be slaughtered? – There is an answer! – And to hell with what the bleeding-hearts-lefties say, INCARCERATE those 3:500 until this ‘WAR ’is OVER. OR, offer them a one-way-ticket to iran, or sowdee-a-ra-bia … NEVER-TO-RETURN. – CLOSE-DOWN the xxxxxxx hate-preaching/teaching MADRASAS, and DEPORT the xxxxxxx PREACHERS.

  7. Flynn and Kushner have been looting American intel for the Russians since Jan 20,
    2017. The Republicans and boobs on Fux and Friends would have you believe they are all patriotic Americans. This is clearly a bright shining lie.

  8. Susan Rice is a complete liar and a seriously stupid woman if she believes what she says.
    Making sure that radical Islamists are kept out of our country is supported more by moderate Muslims than by the Snowflake SJW Liberals who support free, unopposed and unregulated immigration. Suan Rice is a fraud!

  9. this conway can talk as much as she wants , about the travel ban and trump constitutional powers , but even the (republican majority in the supreme court will NOT agree.

  10. Trump said he had a plan to defeat ISIS and eradicate it, what is it. Not allowing people from these six countries will not keep Americans safe if most of the terrorists are home grown. So what is his plan.

  11. it's time to fight back against all the Liberals the far left the den graders that have put obstacles in front of our wonderful president with every move he made I would start with those liberal judges that declined his his temporary ban on people coming in from places where they are bound and determined to kill us and get rid of them first and let's get moving with this band also we need to check everybody in the last eight years that was under the Obama administration because if they've been given passports cuz they don't need visas or they don't need green cards they'll be in here infiltrating our country overnight we've got to check everybody now from Europe to the east the Far East and everybody and get that wall built get that wall built before anything we are in danger the president working for nothing but as life is in Jeopardy and we have all these creeps trying to pull him down they should be put in jail for treason and all the Muslims should be rounded up like the Japanese were during World War II we've had enough we don't know who's good bad or indifferent so we may as well just put them all behind Barb Barb with fences


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