FOX and Friends 6/6/2017 6AM ET | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday



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Full Show: FOX and Friends 6/6/2017 6AM ET | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: Talk, News, Bus./financial
Premise: Tuesday early risers get a chance to experience their own news, information and entertainment that “FOX and Friends” viewers get during the week with this weekend version of the show, currently hosted by Clayton Morris, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson. In addition to reporting and discussion of the latest news, the show features weather forecasts to help viewers plan their Tuesday activities.



  1. You lot are nuts! This is brain drivel… This is all nonsense… I see you lot getting riled up in the comments too… you give off the vibe of a pack of wild rabid mutts. DO NONE OF YOU CARE ABOUT THE LIES TRUMP AND THIS LOT ARE FEEDING YOU?!?! WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

  2. And if you think that President Trump is tweeting way way too much then everybody that knows him should talk to him and needs to tell him. President Trump tweeting stopped or was cut seriously down in the election ,at the end of the election is because his wife and children told him to and he listened.

  3. That's were he's wrong the one that's talking about Donald Trump is tweeting he says politics is not a business yes it is everything is a business. Because in politics you got a negotiate right well ,that's what you doing business too

  4. I voted for Trump and I could not care less what the Russians think about this whole affair. They did not change my views. This bullshit should stop! Hillary is the problem, fix that by putting her in jail. Then we will solve the whole damn problem.

  5. War is the best and biggest business on the planet! Global elite bankers, the military-industrial complex, political puppets, etc.- they love this stuff!
    That being said, we need to be safe from crazy acts of terror and murder. I don't want to see people's children hurt or killed. I agree with one of the people responding on this forum: The corrupt, maniputating, negative, power hungry media people need to be DRAINED. That means CNN and associated "alleged leakers".

  6. usa medical care,,,,,,l,, make your insurance company pay your airfare and housing for your overseas sickness. You will save them money and place Capitalism back into a communist system.

  7. Veteran healthcare………..SO SIMPLE………..every fricking federal employee in The District of Criminals, has to sign with a soldier. they will be paired for the entire service. One gets sick, the other feels the pain…………if no carnage, Federal Employee gets a mental no pain live!!!!!!

  8. execute all treason…..It is our only chance to SAVE our country from the hidden Trojan Horse. If you not understand, play with tinker toys till your dead physically…………………because your MIND is gone!

  9. Was it not Trump and Fox News that were praising LEAKERS when they LEAKED Hillary Clinton's emails??? At least Hillary Clinton did not SELLOUT her own country to Russia in order to seize power and commit TREASON!!!. Fox News are a BUNCH OF FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!!

  10. If the Russians did all of this, it will not put Trump out of office !!! They might as well get a life !!! If a re-election was held today, Trump would win !!! He would steal votes from the Democrats !!!

  11. How come there are no terrorist bombs going off in Israel? How come no vans are running into Israelis? How come Israelis aren't being stabbed, killed and maimed? You mean that Israeli security is so good that these things can't happen there? I don't believe it. This guy says that there are acts of terrorism in Israel. We certainly don't hear much about them.


  13. The BEST Way to STOP this Jihadi BS is to Bury What Ever Remains are Left After an Attack with "PIG CARCASSES"…They WILL NOT Pass Go and They WILL NOT Go to Their Heaven w/72 Virgins…Put an End to this Crap.!!! Send them to Hell.!!!

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