FOX and Friends 6/6/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: FOX and Friends 6/6/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: Talk, News, Bus./financial
Premise: Tuesday early risers get a chance to experience their own news, information and entertainment that “FOX and Friends” viewers get during the week with this weekend version of the show, currently hosted by Clayton Morris, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson. In addition to reporting and discussion of the latest news, the show features weather forecasts to help viewers plan their Tuesday activities.



  1. Laura you have lost me as a fan why  do you give such a back handed remark to Pres.
    Trump why are not looking into George Soros The one who is paying for all hate there isn't any that has a job,r family or going to school has the time or the money, it takes both to 
    travel, the fools in Wash. state said they were paid, so where are  the investigation .

  2. One thing that always bother me about Hillary is during her campaign and now. She doesn't do press conference where the press can ask questions. Hillary did one before the election but it was only 6 to 9 reporters given 5 minutes and list of the questions they could ask..

  3. How about a total ban? At least for awhile, right? The challenges and problems that France, Belgium. Germany, England, and others are facing could hit here if we don't absolutely stop it. Politicians live in wealthy protected areas, so why would they care about regular people like us? They only care about protecting their own power and getting re-elected.

  4. Reality, all your talents, you could have created a business in linguistics, for example, but instead as a socialist like your prophet aging degenerate Bernie Sanders, you believe in bureaucracy and subjugation of freedom.

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