FOX and Friends 6/8/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday


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Full Show: FOX and Friends 6/8/2017 8AM ET | Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday
Genre: Talk, News, Bus./financial
Premise: Thursday early risers get a chance to experience their own news, information and entertainment that “FOX and Friends” viewers get during the week with this weekend version of the show, currently hosted by Clayton Morris, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson. In addition to reporting and discussion of the latest news, the show features weather forecasts to help viewers plan their Thursday activities.



  1. Well done Fox! The covering up, distracting and portraying job by Fox and Friends is getting harder by the day, where the hosts have to rely on more and fictional speculations, so I'll have to give them some credit for doing such a good job on that. A nightmare president that sold himself as a dream to some has now proven to be the kind of nightmare where you'd rather wake up in North Korea than in your own country… but hey, holding on to our original beliefs is so important to us that we need Fox and Friends to tell us little stories to be able to live with ourselves. Just admit Trump is a national embarrassment and nobody will judge you. Justice, democracy and the future are at stake here, only depending on your pride. Please exchange the pride of being right in order to win back the pride of being an American. Look at the rest of the world, they lost faith in the US as we cease to be a leading economy and forsake the liberty (now 'liberty') we so proudly identify with. There are plenty of Trump voters who regret it, so you're not alone. You can be a proud conservative and (although I don't see the point in conservatism in a changing world), I'm not asking you to change your views. I'm genuinely warning you that, however he might try to get in your heads, Trump doesn't represent conservatives, Republicans nor Democrats nor the average hard-working citizen…he represents himself. And indeed, he is truly committed to making things better. Making things better for A) himself and B) the rich people around him that set aside any moral beliefs to be loyal to him C) some other rich people who happen to benefit from what he does to achieve A and B. Inequality and corruption is what he thrives on, and the republican vote is what he abused. If you want to recover from this abuse, please find yourself some more neutral news. Don't judge your news source on their conclusions on for instance Trump, climate change (to you perhaps 'climate change'), or whatever rightfully or unrightfully partisan issue. Judge your news source on whether they are truly trying to be objective, informative, factual and fair in the way they give you the service you want: a news report. This could clash with what you used to think. It could clash with your view. That's not a bad thing. You still have the right to agree, disagree, and maybe change your mind on some things. Just don't isolate yourself from things you don't want to hear, because that's not going to make it go away. Some things are just reality. If any Trumpsupporter read this, thank you. If not, I'm still happy to get this off my chest. Feel free to reply.

  2. Wrong! I support my President and America 100% of the time no matter who my fellow Americans elect. But career politicians have thrown sh*t on that faith. Justice is coming, and that right soon. Best lay out the goofer dust.

  3. The old parties are husks, with no real soul within either, divided on artificial lines, boss-ridden and privilege-controlled, each a jumble of incongruous elements, and neither daring to speak out wisely and fearlessly on what should be said on the vital issues of the day. Term limits soup yet? Sign the "Congressional Term Limits" petitions @

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