Fox Report Weekend 6/4/2017 6PM ET | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday


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Full Show: Fox Report Weekend 6/4/2017 6PM ET | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday
Genre: News
Summary: Host Harris Faulkner.



  1. It's a Muslim problem.

    The so called good Muslims are the enablers of the jihadists..because one cannot tell one kind of Muslim from another..and while one Muslim my be good his brother may be bad.

    So the only way to get rid of the bad Muslims is to get rid of all Muslims.

  2. the first question is what weapons can citizens carry to defend themselves from those terrorists?  if there is no defense  then you have victims.

    seconds  adding  barriers and obstacles  to inhibit  cars and trucks   like  posts or other types of concrete barriers  this would be both  government barriers and civilian purchased barriers.  we must get away from being reactive as much as possible.  its almost pointless  to know this info if it doesn't stop the attack before people die.

  3. Entertainers only care about themselves. Let's see how much money raised by this concert, gets to the victims families. I'd say about zero. They'll fly home in their private jets, lock themselves behind their gated homes and drink Kristal. I'm not impressed.

  4. I wish and hope that love could stop isis but at the end of the day we all know deep inside that it is just a fantasy …we can't wait any longer to loose any life…action is required immediately fuck the pc culture…deal with it soon or don't ask for help later when its too late

  5. Entertainers in defiance of the face of evil.

    Man, shut your rhetoric up.

    These are the very same fucked socialist entertainers calling for open borders and welcoming a culture that will never assimilate, these entertainers didn't assimilate.

  6. this is a war, make no mistake. take appropriate action. you fought the nazi's in the second world war, don't make this into the third. do what you have to do, take care of the situation and end this threat…. last week

  7. Aww, FOX news is now worried about leaks, huh?

    But weren't you and all the far right cheering on the leaks when Hillary was on the electric chair. Wasn't Trump at rallies begging Russia to help out with that?

    Now the chickens have come home to roost and everyone is now yanking out both real and false hair.

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