Full Interview With Alton Towers Boss After Rollercoaster Crash




  1. This guy kept his cool. He's doing the right thing for keeping these parks very safe and secure. I am Six Flags employed and our moto is this…safety and security always comes first. This lady was very rude and ignorant.

  2. She didn't give him a chance. A news reporter can't influence on her opinion with an interview, she is trying to make herself seem right. He held his hands up taking the blame, and she was being a moody cow! I wouldn't want her representing my company.

  3. The Smiler is probably the safest roller coaster in the country right now after what happened, it was an absolute one off. I've ridden it and it's brilliant! These accidents are few and far between and are so rare.

  4. It was an accident and there's no one that man would of known that the ride would crash so can someone please slap that women round her face because she's being so unprofessional

  5. that woman should be sacked she is a moody cow and the poor man was trying to keep his cool and she is so snoopy if he isn't aloud to tell her stuff then that's that she needs to stop getting stroppy with him he gave them all compensation so GIVE IT A REST WOMAN

  6. What an idiot. Looking back at the accident as I'm going next week. Trust me, that woman is absolutely stupid. That guy and his company persuade me to go on that ride more than she does. An accident is an accident, nothing to do about it. The ride was safe but it has been proved that it was the idiot controlling the ride. It happened, if anything it's more safe, right?

  7. What a ridiculous line of questioning – next generation of cars will be safer, does it mean present cars are unsafe? Does meeting safety standards mean accidents can never happen?

  8. She should have been instantly dismissed by Sky. How he kept his cool is one hell of a measure of self discipline. But then he's a senior executive and she was only chosen for typical Sky eye candy

  9. She is soo rude!! She thinks that she knows what be is saying. She clearly doesn't understand him!! Which is partly why she doesnt understand him. I bet he is feeling annoyed with her. I'd feel the same way. Also its rude for her to interrupt him. She is unacceptable. Also if she doesn't understand him then the viewers also wont understand the story and what is being said.therefore viewers may get the wrong idea and spread the story saying the wrong things. So she should have never been so rude!!

  10. She's so seriously rude. Showed no sympathy to anybody involved and just snapped. Interrupted him 20 times, claiming it's an interview, not a statement, BUT LET HIM TALK. He seems very apologetic (not saying that makes anything any better) and she's not letting him speak. Unprofessional ignorant cow.

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