Full Sky Debate: Freedom Of Speech Vs Freedom Of Religion


As broadcasters and newspapers around the world decide whether to publish provocative images of the Prophet Mohammed in a show of support for the Charlie Hebdo magazine, Sky News asks whether it is important to publish content when you know people object to it.

Guests are: Asghar Bukhari from the Muslim Public Affairs Committe, Douglas Murray from the Henry Jackson Society, Stig Abell from The Sun newspaper and Jodie Ginsberg from the Index On Censorship.

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  1. "Prominent and outspoken Muslim activist Asghar Bukhari has left the UK for the UAE, disillusioned by a Muslim community which he says isn’t willing to do what it takes to defend itself."

  2. "The people power can ridicule themselves"So can I ridicule the "Prophet"in Saudi Arabia,Iran,Indonesia,UAE,Jordan,Egypt,Pakistan and other Muslim majority countries.

  3. & as I watch this on the 27th of July 2016 I just saw on the morning News that another attack in France has just happened leaving a catholic priest dead,

  4. Jesus Christ and his God that is the only one Saint God Creator same God of the story of Jewish people with Jakob,Moses,David that gives one faith and only one book of religion = Bible this is according of trues. Cultures need to recognize the point of religion is that God with his Almighty power also for him is nothing impossible and can know all future is above all cultures in the earth

  5. If it would have been only a power structure issue, then it would have been okay to draw satirical pictures and cartoons in Islamic countries where muslims have the power and islam IS the power structure, right……!!!??? BUT NO!

  6. Continuously < Demonization> ? Reporting the Truth is Demonizing? or Racism?

    Reporting < Honor Killing, Beheading, Raping, Terrors, Stoning Women to Death, Child Suicide Bomber,… Cutting Hands and Feet,….> is Racism or Demonizing?

  7. Interesting that the Muslim speaker is keen to defend the murderers of someone who simply drew a picture of his 'prophet'…

    So, drawing a picture of Mohammed is a more serious crime in his eyes than a multiple murder… I'd say he needs to get his priorities straightened out!

    Religion DESERVES to be ridiculed! Especially those religions which are so 'sensitive' to criticism that they are willing to murder any and all critics… What difference is there between this and the Inquisition?

  8. the problem is people are using freedom of speech as an excuse to discimate and to offend people as much as they want i hope from them attacks people learn that freedom of speech is not freedom to discriante

  9. I wish Sky News and the other major broadcasters in the UK showed the cartoons that the Charlie Hebdo staff were killed for. I understand that Sky is just looking out for the wellbeing and safety of its staff. However if we want attacks to stop on people who caricature and lampoon Islam then it is vital that other news organisations show that they are not willing to be terrorized into silence. As long as very few publications show the blasphemous cartoons, those who do so will be easy targets. If every news organisation was to show them it would spread the risk and send a clear message that freedom of speech is much more important than the feelings of devout Muslims.

  10. People. Look up the history of NICE.. It is derived from the word NAIVE…. If we as progressive people do NOT stop being NICE/NAIVE to people who want to KILL US, we are lost. Stop this Islamic MADNESS. Stop being NICE to Islamist…

  11. I thought racism was considering a Race of ppl INFERIOR due to their differences. Comparing black ppl to apes because of their characteristics is racist because these pics were used to make them less human. Pics of Mohammed can't be racist as he represents a religion, and it doesnt make any race inferior. And its strange racism is even involved its like the other races in Islam don't matter

  12. Asghar Bukhari is a idiot, His argument is flawed, Calling it racist is a weak one considering its a religion, But comparing cartoons drawing black people as apes to lampooning a religious figure are two different things, The simple thing is other religion's have been mocked over the years and people have not gone into a offices of a magazine and killed people when people have done it in the name of Islam more then once! 

    What Asghar Bukhari as done is blamed the cartoonist for there own deaths and calling for censorship over mocking Islam, The man shouldn't have been given such a platform to smear the deaths of these people… 

  13. I really feel for Douglas Murray. listening to the absolute stupidity is soul destroying, coupled with the absolute lack of guts shown by the press, this whole thing Is dangerously ridiculous, Religion is so petty and mentally challenged that I find it really difficult to even listen to this kind of debate and Islam is the most pathetic Religion of them all. 

  14. Of late, in the west, those willing to do violence in the name of some insult are dictating the limits of free speech.  This is an insane.policy.  The barbarians are winning.  To preserve and broaden free speech we must all push at the limits — offend, offend, offend.  

  15. Religion, politics and sex, when put centre stage, tells of a motive in place; and motive is rarely unselfish. Should respect to these three subjects be brought to the human level of perception, only then will the love of power extinguish.

  16. What's racism got to do with anything? Weren't white muslims offended? And if foreign policy was the motive for the attacks, why were they targeted at a magazine staff (that was opposed to the war on terror), and not the government, police or military? This one is a no brainer. The issue, and the muslim guy getting all the air time.

  17. Is it also one's right to offend fat people, vegetarian, women who had abortion, goth and etc.? Those are choices people made and not related to race or something genetic at all.
    I am for Chalrlie Hebdo but if it seems wrong to me that if fat people(and other cases such as mentioned above) got offended. 
    Thinking there should be a fine line on the issue of right to defend apart from race.

  18. This Muslim in the studio has made a blunder — saying these picture strips is "Racist"  and then comparing it to one of most cruel period in recent history – that of the segregation of the black people because of their skin colour is a ludicrous comparison. First of all Islam is not a race, it is a religion. Do not mix those categories up.  Second, it is the right of all humans to have both freedom of religion and speech, and to express their view on all matters (including Islam) in what ever manner they choose.  What is more interesting is this new idea of offence. Even according to the hadith of Islam the Prophet gave the believer the right to do just the same as what Charlie Hebdo has done. It completely hypocritical of this man in what he is saying. 

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