Fussy Eaters – Elephant Diaries – BBC


Although it may look strange, feeding an elephant from behind a hanging blanket is a good way of reminding the baby of it’s mothers stomach, thus helping it to eat calmly and regularly.

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  1. L'unique solution pour sauver les éléphants ne serait-elle pas de ''flinguer'' les braconniers et leurs riches commanditaires?
    The alone solution to save elephants is probably to kill their hunters and rich peoples for who they work.

  2. This must be at the David Sheldrick Foundation. I wish the vid would've specified that, because they do GREAT work. You (anyone) can 'adopt' an orphaned Elephant, which of course helps the Foundation and the orphans. They have their own youtube ch, so please check it out and consider helping them by adopting an orphaned Elephant.

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