GCC rift: Five nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar


The Qatari government says it regrets the unjustified decision by four countries to cut diplomatic ties.

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also imposing an air, sea, and land embargo.

The Saudis accuse Qatar of supporting extremism and radicalism as well as media incitement, which Qatar denies.

Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra explains.

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  1. Greed & Envy is the root of all evil.. these countries are sooooo envious/jealous of Qatar's progress & richness because right now the momentum & focus of development in the Middle East is Qatar. And since this is a region of people with very low IQ, other neighboring countries are just following the sentiments of others just by listening to gossips & without any basis.. Greedy & Envious wannabe-royalties!!!

  2. Qatar, and Saudi both fund terrorists. Israel provides medical treatment to rebels as it cannot afford to pay cash and provide weapons. The difference is that all of those things were orchestrated by Obama. Now as Saudi and Israel have stopped… Qatar should stop too.

  3. I don't know why Gulf countries blame each other they have be work together and be a strong if not so it will be so sad and or will be bad consequences on region. Plz stay together

  4. A shad of Art
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  5. Qatar was one of the only countries who stood in the face of that illiterate dumb sisi when all the other countries congratulated the coup. now that illiterate is stealing all Egypt's wealth for "foreign" interests. Even the Egyptians themselves were tricked into the terrorism propaganda and rejected a president who was the most educated and respectful leader in the Arab world. And now Saudi Arabia are playing innocent all of a sudden, the country of pure terrorism. I spit in the face of those hypocrite traitors.

  6. I love Qatar

    the brave country

    King Thameem bin Hamad Althani and Rajab Thwayyib Urdugan of Turky
    These two are the only brave leaders of modern Islamic world.

    I love both

    and may Allah bless both with all wellbeing and happiness.

  7. lol we could easily say Qatar is the new target for US now… they couldnt beat Syria so they are going to the small target with big oil resources instead. Poor Qatar.

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