General Election: Theresa May’s MPs grow restless


With her commons majority gone, some of the Prime Minister’s own MPs are growing restless with at least one claiming that it’s time for Theresa May to go.

Sky’s senior political correspondent Beth Rigby reports.

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  1. this election was thrown by the Remain establishment. may was a Remainer who acted hard on EU but this election has in one stroke killed the Scottish independence momemtum and killed Brexit. the Establishmentuse be happy.May will be paid handsomely for being the "fall-gal". Corby won't be let near number 10.

  2. Speaking of the Muhammad cult, after the Westminster Bridge terror attack in London, Theresa May said in PARLIAMENT that Islam is a "great faith" even though the Koran denies that Jesus Christ died on the CROSS at Calvary. God has now punished May as seen in her election disaster. Now she is FORCED to join with an anti-Islam & anti-sodomite Irish political party called the DUP – I love how God turned EVERYTHING around.

  3. Theresa May – 'I'm sorry disabled people,there isn't a magic money tree.Having said that,i'm going to spend £130 million on a utterly pointless election because i'm doing well in the polls.Eat cake.'

  4. btw i am going to cancel my sky subscription – none Tories should go to virgin or BT – since the sky News has been so biased against Corbyn and so pro May.

  5. well to be fair Theresa May was right about a coalition of chaos being propped up by a band of terrorist sympathisers. She just never said she'd be the one leading them

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