German business group: ‘Prepare for very hard Brexit’


Germany’s biggest business lobby group has warned its members to prepare for ‘a very hard Brexit’. Ian King speaks to Nina Schick, the German political commentator and Tomasz Wieladek, senior European economist at Barclays.

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  1. What a load of BS. Merkel the consensus Chancellor? Didn't go with a consensus letting all the migrants in did she and that turned out oh so well.

  2. Just walk, we will gain back the trade world wide and in a few years to come the EU will see sense (if it still exists) and come to the negotiating table.

  3. The Germans throughout history have shown that they are very good at under estimating the British Isles and their peoples determination when they are being pushed around by undemocratic outsiders and boy are they in for a shock if they do not comply with the wishes of the British people.

  4. Britain has always been a manufacturing country and due to globalization it has suffered badly. We invented nearly everything and we gave it all away to big business who took our manufacturing, fisheries and agriculture abroad for quick profits taking advantage of low wages in the low wage countries. Now our jobless youth idle their life away without a future.
    It's time to leave EU and breath life back into our once proud industries.

  5. I am British and the UK is carrying on like the Germans surplus car exports to us is their ace card in negotiations, and so we hear that the Germans dont care much for our business.
    So we should be concerned more about building up our own manufacturing base and preparing for independence. Lets not give them a penny, we dont legally owe them. If we join their bushiness club the fees will be punitive.

  6. A hard Brexit is the last chance for British sovereignty. Any kind of deal means Britain merely swaps a chain for a rope. We'll be dragged back into the undemocratic Union eventually if a deal is made. Leave now, no 'divorce bill'

  7. German manufacturers will not rock the boat in a system that has [along with the 'devaluation' of the DM to the Euro] hugely benefited the German economy. Their self interest will prevail as it has in the past. If the French and others don't like it they will just have to lump it as part of the price for the continued German dominated federalisation of the EU.

  8. Which part of Brexit the EU doesn't understand? They keep talking EU single Market and EU integration. It's like talking to an illiterate Muslim about Christianity.

  9. Looks like German elitists are busy debate how to agree with each other and how to present their unified opinions in a more convincing way. That's because they are 100% certain their opinions are correct and anyone who disagrees must suffer from sort of psychiatric illness. Obviously only eccentric MEPs would sympathise with Brexit.

  10. The Germans have accepted that "no deal" is not just possible but probable. The EU can't give any deal to the UK because there would be a queue of EU and non-EU countries all demanding the same.

    We (the UK) have to build a new trading relationships with the commonwealth, and forget the EU until they want to talk reasonably about trade. WTO will sustain current trade, but outside we will not see any growth in trade. By its nature the EU is protectionist. We won't keep the same trading relationship with the EU. We have to spread our wings and create a wider basis for trade. the EU will become less significant once new trading relationships are available. It's the nature of business, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  11. Not sure what all the fuss is about its clear that the EU is not willing to do a deal before UK leaves. UK should leave before 2019 and not pay an exit fee and get on with doing deals with countries wishing to trade with UK outside the EU. When EU decides they want to talk trade we will talk. As for customs union and single market we want neither if they impact on preventing control of free movement or allowing ECJ rule over UK! It wont work as EU wants to punish UK. UK getting an amicable deal will be seen bad for Brussels and show a lack of power and control. Best thing for EU and UK is for UK to move to WTO rules and work out a deal which can be done within 10 years by WTO rules as UK is a founder member and has the right to take this time for a fair trade deal with EU.

    Most Laws could be unpicked then transferred into UK Law and a deal could be done that's not rushed. Border controls in Ireland is ridiculous. Simply place border checks into UK anyone with an Irish passport gets free entry into UK while everyone else needs a visa.

  12. Well comments are not posting here as usual, and i am being accused of not providing a source, for Emmanuel Macron saying that the eurozone will collapse and cannot survive under the foundations of Germany benefiting from other European countries. Although the accusers could just do a search, It was The Telegraph July 13 2017 Business page.

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