Gerry Adams tells Sky News he would talk about his past in Northern Ireland


The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border is causing concern for the UK government, where Brexit is one part of what’s pushed power-sharing to the brink.

Sky’s David Blevins sat down with the President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams and began by asking him about Article 50, and what Brexit might mean for the border.

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  1. Like most English people, I look at Irish politics and wonder just how long it will take before those on the island will truly live as one?

  2. Judging by demographics, a United Ireland is inevitable by 2030. As of 2017, there is already a nationalist majority in Stormont. There is a nationalist majority in Derry (Doire) and Belfast (Béal Feirste), the two largest cities of the occupied territories. The average age of a (((loyalist))) jew-sympathiser is 44. The average age of a nationalist is 33. By 2030, there will be a nationalist majority across the occupied territories. Beannacht Dé ar Éirinn. Tiocfaidh Ár Lá.

  3. It's not an Irish border. It's a British border in Ireland. Brexit was a border poll re the UK, with Scotland and NIreland voting to Scexit/NIexit the UK. Why perpetuate a constitutional fiction.

  4. Ireland should be allowed to call its own shots. We are different people from the English folks across the water…..My family stands to lose 75% of its income by 2019 because of brexit. I CANT SEE THE BRITISH STATE REPLACE THAT!

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