Giant Great White Shark ATTACKS! – Super Giant Animals – BBC


Steve Backshall is on the look out for a great white shark to measure how much of a super giant this enormous predator is!

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  1. ehhhh I live in California and surf all the time and you know how sharks think surfboards are seals … well just hoping this never happens too me thats why I put magnets around my surfboard cuz sharks do not like magnets

  2. Jesus Christ seeing a 5 meter long, 2 ton in weight, with 300 sharp teeth coming at me at 20mph, I should might as well start covering myself in melted cheese and garlic for that shark lol no way will anyone survive that

  3. parabéns ao serviço que vocês prestam ao público mostrando o tipo de ataque que esse enorme e fabuloso peixe faz a suas vitimas,vem a alertam o povo quando está em mar aberto ou até em praias todas essas áreas são seus elementares….

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