Great White Shark Attack And Breach – Planet Earth – BBC Earth


Epic footage of one of Earth’s most feared predators, the Great White Shark. Each dawn, Cape Fur Seals leave their colony to go fishing. To reach the open sea they must cross a narrow strip of Water which is patrolled by the largest Predatory Fish on the Planet.

Taken From Planet earth

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  1. Some of these shots look like old Air Jaws clips with the rubber seal being dragged behind the boat. That's probably why the footage has such a weird filter on it to disguise it against newer, higher quality footage. I'm guessing it's a hard thing to film much less predict and that predators fail most of their attempts.

  2. Open ocean shots of a great white going after a fake bait seal, interspersed with a bunch of seals swimming around near the shore. And one shot of a great white with a real seal filmed anywhere at any time.

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