Hackers Identifying With Anonymous To Isis: We Will Never Let Up


French hackers from the activist group Anonymous have declared “war” on Islamic State after the Paris attacks.

In a video posted on YouTube, a representative wearing a hood and the group’s distinctive Guy Fawkes mask said the violence that left 129 people dead “can’t go unpunished”.

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  1. I truly believe that anonymous can bring down isis, Isis should be scared, we are stronger than them together, we can't be afraid of them. People don't understand how strong anonymous are. Isis don't understand how strong the people are. I hope that anonymous brings Isis to their knees!

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    Hiển thị bớt

  3. The Anonymous are the biggest hackers in all the world ,they can do anything they want,so they can attack countries without a confirmation

  4. Ok that is a honourable idea, to stand and fight against the ISIS terror, me personally could not agree more!
    But how how this legion of Anonymous could stop and prevent another attacks? How a group of hackers could gather the intel on them to prevent any threat coming from, when they act in secrecy and avoid using the internet space? I'm just curious how? Well maybe Anonymous could stop some viral videos or something that will make us not secure, but I dunno? Still good to hear that they are with us!!! 🙂

  5. Why does the video have broken/warped parts like in the movies? Not really judging-I like this anonymous thing goin on but why? Is it digital effects or connection error?

  6. muslims arent terrorists, terrorists are terrorists and there isnt any place that the one who dont belive in Allah should be killed..Terrorists are made of big countries (America,Russia etc and all this war is made because they want to get the islamic countries cause they have fuel,gases.Anynomous cant do nothing,they are just talking silly things

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