Hajj 360 – experience the journey to Mecca in 360 degrees


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Walk with Al Jazeera’s Basma Atassi in Mecca, as she takes you on a tour to see the major landmarks that millions of Muslims visit during the period of Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage.

For a 360 degree view, you can drag your your mouse over the video.
If you’re on your phone, you can tilt the phone or swipe the screen.

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  1. Brothers look at likes don't listen to the haters comments this is a sign of Kharizites they will only try to de rail is from path by their words but the fact will not change

  2. Its a shame, these people don't seem to know that they're worshipping a moon god who doesn't actually exist. Even the black box they love so much has more powers than alllah

  3. I really hate saudi arabia, they are ruining mecca with ugly modern buildings. How are you going to build malls so near the kaaba. When materialism is one of the sins in islam. They know the oil is gonna run out, and the only reason anybody would go to that place without the wealth is hajj and umrah, so they are monetizing our most golly site.

  4. Error: "Symbolic home": a home is something in which someone lives. As Allah cannot be contained by anything, is Unique and Alone, the use of this phrase to describe His position with regards to His Creation is not only factually and egregiously incorrect but goes to completely invalidate the whole purpose of Islam and Hajj, i.e., to declare that Allah Alone is Unique in His Perfection, and as a consequence, Alone Worthy of every human thought and action.

  5. malik baadi u should not insult any religion and if u went to hajj or umra and lost faith in ALLAH then my friend u r doomed very badly and we like u don't use abusive language the Muslim who says abusive language is not a Muslim and does not have faith in ALLAH at the day of judgment u will know how true Islam is but at that time it will be too late too little and why is it that most of the scientist when study about how life started convert Islam because they observe things which r written in QURAN and u should know to shut ur mouth up. Our holy prophet SAW and his companions sacrificed their life for the sake of ISLAM Hazrat Hassan and HUSSAIN RA were killed and Hazrat Hussain's RA son was killed at the age of 6 months in front of him. u know why Allah does not punish us all including us because we have forgotten our Islam it is because our prophet SAW prayered that Allah do not punish my umah and Allah accepted it

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