Hannity 6/6/2017 | Sean Hannity Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: Hannity 6/6/2017 | Sean Hannity Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Host Sean Hannity interviews political figures and newsmakers and offers his own conservative perspective on current events.
Candid, controversial, and completely unleashed, Sean brings you political news of the day!



  1. Sean why does Colorado have troops there plus chetchnia troops and Russians also. is this for Marshall law when the NWO TRIES TO INACT MARSHALL LAW. we need to leave the UN.

  2. Should you back off or hide your head, you don't seem to know when to quit. Your, soft shelled crustacean, dies in it's shell, asshole confined to idiotic logic…You all think too much, about your next fuck. I think about mistakes I have made, and future challenges. Trump has psychological problems, he isn't fit to be President, and you aren't fit to present or source any sort of news, you are an idiot and a liar.

  3. I was watching Sean Hannity with Donald Trump's son on 6/9/2017. i tried to share the program because of the wonderful news that President Trump is Exonerated. The share function did not work…..then I tried access the program again but could only access Hannity shows from 3 days ago….nothing more current. my conclusion is that Google or Youtube are blocking the most recent news.

  4. Everybody should beware of news which serves as indoctrination centers instead of actual news. Shows like Hannity mix actual news with government false propaganda in order to mold and shape your mind into what they want you to think as AND THAT THIS IS OBVIOUS. All of the major great power regimes have done this so why would America be different? One must analzye what a government believes in at its core instead of being fed convenient lies and deception. Who started the American government? Freemasons/Satanists. Wake up

  5. All this crap about Comey living a life of honesty and integrity. It means crap, calling our great president a big liar. Trump is the one who is honest. We will be judged by our deeds.

  6. I totally agree with Eric, I couldn't come up with the right word to describe the liberals but it is exactly what he said, they lack manners!

  7. no one has gone after Eric's Brother… Griffin was way wrong… and if Eric and his family are upset, he should have not stepped into it all with his Dad. I don't think it is one party or the other they are all idiots. No Evidence? It will be presented it or not… if no one did anything wrong step back and let them investigate it and find out its all clean. The U.S. Government can NOT BE RUN like a business… and TRUMP Business is corrupt ask all the people they have not paid and ruined. Stop cutting programs that help the people Trump said he was gonna help. I wold be all for him if he kept his promises but he has not and says one thing and does another. Keeping America unbalanced and hateful is all that has happened thus far with this new administration. AND NO I am not saying any other administration was perfect ot better. Just this one for whatever reasons is NOT WORKING… oh wait maybe today they think they are…. let's check TWITTER

  8. This is great fun, watching these idiot liberals debase themselves day after day. It gets worse every day , new depths are plunged in levels of stupidity. The lack of self-awareness is shocking.

  9. You think you're not Sheeple because you know all about HIlary. Not so fast, race fans. You let Hannity get away with dropping the Seth Rich investigation? You're not Sheeple, you're hypocritical Sheeple. You're not principled truth-seekers, you're followers. You now just follow a different voice. Wake up.

  10. What about the pre-Memorial-Day-Weekend Seth Rich story. What about the tearful pledge by Hannity that he will continue pursuing the story. Why after the Memorial Day weekend have we heard NOTHING? Blah, blah, blah.

  11. What about all that the Obama had to put up with. No-one should go after children that is wrong. But so many people are just asking trump to tell the truth. After you were doing the golf as a charity, why did your father demand payment for using his course. Why has trump got the lowest approval rate in history. If trump was so worried about the effect of that terrible Kathy griffin photo on his son why did he not go to NY to see him instead of golfing all day.

  12. Eric trump is a a little crying my girl. Wha they are picking on me cause I took cancer charity money and gave it to my daddy. Go to jail with your daddy. Maybe he can breast feed you in jail Hannity you suck like all you Fox nuts.

  13. I know someone who worked for the State Dept in Damascus who vetted Muslims for refugee programs back in 2011. This person was under 30 and learned Arabic in High School and Rosetta Stone. This person is also an open Leftist and Liberal idealist. It is all a scam.

  14. 20 million Americans being watched and lives under a microscope. Trump fired a freaking criminal in charge of the FBI I guess democrats like having their lives investigated by the government.

  15. The American people are being lead around by the nose rings sniffing every one's ar's looking for special crap that does not exist and the globalist and democrats are laughing sandbags at you because they can do that to you your easy to manipulate don't stand for it

  16. Read the comments on here and it won't take you long to realize that we have Christian extremists just as, if not more so, dangerous than anything I've seen out of Islam.

  17. Hannity listen to your own Neil Cavuto. The media isn't making Trump says what he says. The media is not to blame. The only person taking a tweet out of context is him. The media hasn't made Trump tweet and show himself up in intervuews; it's him.

  18. Here we go again, no need to watch the Marxist channels CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS or MSLSD, half baked so-called conservative Hannity has the crap for us!!!

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