Hans Zimmer And Radiohead Collaboration: Creating (ocean) bloom – Blue Planet II Prequel


We go behind the scenes to get an exclusive interview with Radiohead and Hans Zimmer as they discuss their Blue Planet II collaboration (ocean) bloom. Watch the Blue PLanet II Prequel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_38JDGnr0vA&feature=youtu.be

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Created by Hans Zimmer and Radiohead
In collaboration with Bleeding Fingers Music

Produced by Russell Emanuel
Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Lyndhurst Studios
Mixed by Nigel Godrich, Geoff Foster and Russell Emanuel
Thumbnail image courtesy of Patch Dolan Photography

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  1. BBC should've excluded Radiohead as they're a bunch of hypocrites. They say they care about the earth and everything in it contrary to what they recently did to the Palestinians. Radiohead = Hypocrites.

  2. My favorite composer/musician Hans Zimmer , Radiohead, and our beautiful blue planet with David Attenborough. This is what us as humans should be doing. Creating inspiration and innovation. We have so much potential yet sometimes makes me think that we don't deserve this beautiful planet. Through music, research, engineering, mutual love and respect everyone of us can and will change the world.Cheers, go out there and change the world !

  3. Forget GoT, any marvel or DC or any fantasy/sci fi tv series for the idiots, this is gonna be EPIC! This will define peoples view of the ocean forever.

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