Happening Now 5/16/2017 #1ET | Fox News Today May 16,2017 TEUSDAY


Happening Now 5/16/2017 #1ET | Fox News Today May 16,2017 TEUSDAY
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Jon Scott and Jenna Lee anchor this weekday news broadcast, with breaking news updates by Harris Faulkner.

#Top Today’s News Headlines#
– BREAKING: General McMaster Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Proves Trump Never Leaked To Russia
– Trump Asked About Russian Meeting And Sharing Info
– (Delusional) Trump Joint Statement with President Erdogan of Turkey
– MORE LIES HR McMaster GRILLED on Trump LEAKED to Russians Press Briefing 5.16.2017
– McMaster: President Trump Wasn’t Aware Where Classified Info Came From – Press Conference on Russia



  1. I was standing in my kitchen cooking dinner,having this channel on nd listening to this,I had to look up to see what the fuck trump was doing as he was pausing nd stumbling all over what he was saying.I realized he was reading what he was saying.This dumb fuck cant even read,thank u electorial college.What a douche u put into office.look at Trump,like he gives a fuck !!!! He is so uninterested in whats going on,its like hes trying out for a pre-school play.

  2. Are you mother-fucking Trumpsters tired of winning yet??? Trump leaking classified info to Russian spies, Comey's memo indicts the Trumpster. Trump is unfit for office.

  3. As much as the relations between the 2 allies may be stressed: Do not make the mistake to think the Anti-American comments under videos of thie meeting are from Turks.I smell kurdish terrorist supporters here, trying to make Turks look bad.In fact some commentators here are active on pro Pkk channels.Be wake people, be wake.Old turkish saying: If you shake hands with a traitor, count your fingers afterwards.By traitors i mean the terrorist supporting kurds.Not the normal loyal kurds.Like Mr. Hakan Fidan, a kurd, who is Chief of the Turkish Secret Service MIT.

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