Happening Now 5/17/2017 + PRES TRUMP | Fox News Today May 17,2017 Wednesday


Full Show: Happening Now 5/17/2017 + PRES TRUMP | Fox News Today May 17,2017 Wednesday
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Jon Scott and Jenna Lee anchor this weekday news broadcast, with breaking news updates by Harris Faulkner.



  1. Talk Talk Talk about nothing…If they can't find a way to blow up the current Trump administration they are likely to make up stories like this. Terrible wicked human beings indeed. Trey Gowdey and Chavez do your jobs!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough with this BS Legal jargon. Everyone knows lawyers are the rats all involved in politics. As long as the conflicts exist these legal rats keep making money. All of them.

  2. Memo's mean nothing, recordings on the other hand could be very embarrassing for Comey when this is all said and done, if they actually exist, But Trump will be smart and let Comey lie under oath first. He was given a heads up not a threat. And for the record it is highly improper for all the politicians to be weighing in on the subject before any hearings have been held and attempting to sway the publics opinion. Just do your damn investigations and let us know your finding when your done in 4 years, slow ass users of the tax payers money. Comey crossed the line when he took the law into his own hands in July 2015 and decided to let Hillary off the hook in a press conference, instead of letting the DOJ do their job. I don't think I've witnessed anything more unprofessional from the Intelligence Community in my lifetime.

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