Happening Now 5/19/2017 #11ET | Fox News Today May 19,2017 Friday


Happening Now 5/19/2017 #11ET | Fox News Today May 19,2017 Friday Full Show
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Premise: Jon Scott and Jenna Lee anchor this weekday news broadcast, with breaking news updates by Harris Faulkner.



  1. president trump is a patriot !!! 62 million patriots voted for president trump !!this includes armed forces ,police, boarder guards,coast guard !!!! liebraldemtards are traitors!!! they deserve s traitors death !!!!f.o.a.d.

  2. i don't know Rep Cummings ,,what about the sole of democracy when Obama was in office or When Hillary lied Cheated sold materials that could be used against the us and directly profited from it or donations from country's that have funded terrorism.that funded her run for president .or when she was careless with the lives of Americans and top secret info ..where were you then sir ,,

  3. What influence did Russia have may I ask? Exposing Hillaries lies and corruption through wiki leaks. If Americans are so feeble minded as to allow Russia to influence their votes they deserve it. However the lies and deceit of the mass media warrants investigating. Why did CNN back Clinton, Why did the Democrats allow Bernie Sander's bid to be manipulated, .Why is the media so biased against DT? That where the real investigating should be going on. did the Saudi's pay or help mass media to side with the Clintons, did Israeli money go into the media to do the same. Which countries had financial deals with the CNN and the rest of the mass media as thats where the real interference is. follow the money trail of the media corporations and find out why they (the media) were trying to manipulate the American people to vote for Clinton.

  4. These people are so stupid. Russia cant actually interfere with any election unless they hack peoples brains or hack the actual voting machine.. And Jullian Assange already said Russia wasnt a source for the emails. The libtards will end up with nothing. lol

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