Happening Now 6/7/2017 + PRES TRUMP 1PM ET | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday


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Full Show: Happening Now 6/7/2017 + PRES TRUMP 1PM ET | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday + PRES TRUMP
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Jon Scott and Jenna Lee anchor this weekday news broadcast, with breaking news updates by Harris Faulkner.



  1. OBAMA CARE makes insurance companies pay for aids, mental health, drug abuse, gender transfer surgery—– what company is going to lose money paying for those preexisting conditions that cost hundreds of thousands per patient per year.

  2. Why is any news outlet (OK I get why CNN MSNBC and any anti-American outlets might but why FOX? why?) Giving a voice to a TERRORISTS mother… The only voice she should have is to tell us every thing her son has been doing, where hes been going and who hes been talking with. Any “news“ coverage of her opinion is an INSULT!
     Lets hear from the VICTIMS and their families! Lets hear from representatives of the PEACEFUL Muslims!
    And lets NOT give murderous SCUM a chance to blame the dead!

  3. So some of these people had insurance they could afford…then they HAD to take Obama care and probably got their rates jacked. Now they get fucked in the ass because the Insurance company splits and leaves them high and dry. NICE GOING OBAMA YOU FUCKEN ASSHOLE!

  4. There is not a lot in those Comey documents. As the saying goes, it is a big nothing burger. Trump is definitely in the clear. Only a liberal can make a meal of this because they don't have anything important to do.

  5. Give it up media – Mr Comey will Not say anything worth listening to. It's already been decided. Let's just hope that the Russia crap will stop so the politicians can get something done, instead of wasting the people's money. Allegations and assumptions and conclusions based on assumptions. GEEZ media – get over it!!! The media IS probably more guilty than anyone!! Sick of it.

  6. I LOVE the idea and action of cutting 'regulations". That by itself is utterly fantastic. Stopping Islamist terrorism is a good thing too, and we'll have to do what we have to do. It's going to be a fight folks! Support President Trump. Support regular people, not slippery politicians who line their pockets with slippery money that they take from us one way or another.

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