Hard-Wire: Law Of The Gun | Documentary


American police chiefs have been to Scotland to learn new techniques in how to avoid shooting violent suspects.

As numerous fatal police confrontations cause public anger across the US, officers are rethinking when, and how, they use force.

In 2015, police in the US shot and killed around 1,000 civilians, many of them unarmed.

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  1. 29:21 Her mentality is the problem in a nutshell. Police in the US train with the mentality that shooting the suspect isn't an issue as long as there is even the vaguest threat. Shooting should be their last resort, but in the US they train so that shooting is their first resort.

  2. send a handful of Scottish Police officers into the American hoods to deal with sickos who hammer a hatchet against the doors and windows in front of them.

  3. Most German police officers have guns……………loaded with blanks!  Smart, especially now that the playing field has changed for them from dealing with drunk or rowdy Germans wielding a 2 inch Swiss Army pocket knife or a broken bottle to being confronted by machete and ax wielding people from Africa.

  4. want to fix the illegal gun situation in America?  Sweep the hoods at 3:30 a.m., 90% of them will turn up right there, allowing for safe disposal once and for all.  It's in the name:  I L L E G A L

  5. it's not really fair to compare Scotland with the black Suburbs of Chicago, is it.  I would much rather be a cop in Scotland and deal with a few drunks or an occasional Islamic Machete wielding dude.

  6. This is the consecuence of USA gun culture. More weapons make officers more paranoid to get shot and prefer shot first. Get use to weapons by culture make people loose respect to then. Guns protects US from nothing.

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