Head to Head – Kenya: Democracy on trial?


In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the state of Kenya’s “tribal” democracy, political violence, impunity and corruption, and the rise of al-Shabab.

In this episode we explore Odinga’s defeat in a disputed election which triggered violence and put the country on the brink of civil war.

We challenge him on whether he did enough to stop the 2007/08 bloodshed, and ask him if there will ever be justice for the victims. We also explore his record fighting corruption while in office and the decision to send Kenyan troops into Somalia in 2011 to fight al-Shabab.

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  1. PEV resulted from kibaki's rigging stunts! And the reasons behinds Raila's support for kibaki is neither here nor there. The question is did he do it? And the next question is, has the kikuyu community supported him even once? so who is hateful? who is tribal? RAILA IS MY HERO. HE IS THE BEST SUITED MAN TO BECOME PRESIDENT. uhuru HAS FAILED MISERABLY! It is about time he went back to gatundu coz we are tired!

  2. Good interview, kept him on toes. It is highly unlikely for african leaders to be as honest as he was on the bribe question. If given the mandate by Kenyans to lead, he probably would make a difference. Corruption runs deep in africa.

  3. This was the hottest seat Raila has ever been on…. Nation Newspaper reported
    "Raila made to sweat in tough Al Jazeera interview "

    With this interview, I hope no one will blame me when I dont support Raila Odinga- simply based on his records and capability.

  4. Woow what an Interview, I recommend all African journalist to ask hard core questions to their guests even their leaders. But honestly, Mehdi Hassan should have given time Mr Raila to answer questions. Other than that, Raila was exposed & he wasn't prepared at all but Mahdi did his homework well !

  5. The is much informative interview , to those who expect undefined change from "baba" take your time and ponder , the interviewee appears inadequate before the panel ,am sorry

  6. You are highly knowledgeable and for the last 3 decades your actions and path have demonstrated a true democrat…. let the hates say what they may………..

  7. As a Kenyan,I really really wish our journalists (and citizens) would go after the politicians like this. Ask the hard questions and push for an answer from the interviewee e.g in The next "Presidential Debate". To me, the problem isn't even the politicians. It's us, the citizens. We keep voting them in despite all the stealing and lying they do just because he/she is from the same tribe as me. I think we need an amendment in the constitution which will bar people from seeking elective office in an area where the majority of the population is from the same tribe as themselves… It could create some fun scenarios

  8. Interesting interview, it is understandable, funny, and informative, well done Raila, Mehdi, and the audience, and Kenyans should vote new leaders with new fresh faces, like USA people voted for Obama. Kenyans need to bring positive change.

  9. 13:01 Raila says he has no regret on his failure to prevent PEV. He is proud of the killings, rapes, mass forceful evictions and destruction of property.
    22:15 Nic Cheesman asks a very important Q. Is your party run the way you would want to run the country? Internal democracy in ODM is worse than that in rival parties (read TNA)

  10. digital i e b c raila stands for reforms.accountability.integrity.leadership,action …..full time kenyan capacity builder and not a propaganda carrying mis leaders fighting against democracy…..

  11. This Mehdi Hasan guy has surely cornered Agwambo.But honestly what will Raila do for the whole Kenya if he becomes president yet he was unable to manage KIBERA for 20years he was a member of parliament.Wake up Kenyans!!!!

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