Heartbreaking Truth About Elephant Poaching – This Wild Life – BBC Earth


After the tragic murder of a 25 year old male elephant, the team take stock of the situation and thoughts turn to the bigger issue of elephant conservation in Kenya which lies in the balance.

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  1. Well, you just can't do anything about either the consumers in China, or poachers in Africa, or animals anywhere – since it's not our purpose as a species to enjoin or consider taught rights for them, except as a small cause, the way human goodliness is the chatter and clamor taught everywhere. Just keep only announcing a nuclear strike on places in the area animals are being poached for that reason might scare the message home. Too scary and unprofessional? Then only do it for the elephants.

  2. The truth is that poachers now open fire at rangers. You can check, that's unfortunately real. They're criminals, killing men and animals. They deserve a punishment.

  3. It all goes back to the root of all evil- Money. The idea that ruined everything on this planet and continues to make life worse for the majority.

  4. It is more DISPICABLE the fact that si many People stil have the Audacity to not believe that THIS MONSTROUSLY AND EVIL SADISTICS BEHAVES ALL DONE BY; HUMANS!!
    Humans are the most DISPICABLES, HYPOCRITE , DISCEAVING GREEDY MONSTERS THAT EXIST IN EARTH!! and then all this lazy Hypocrite and materialistic and greedy people make all ; THIS REMARCABLES SAD PRETENDING THAT HOW UNBELIEVABLE THIS THINGS (all done OVER & OVER SINCE MEN HAVE THE CONTROL AND INTELLIGENGE TO DEVELOP WEAPONS TRAMPS AND MANY MORE EVIL AND DESTRUCTIVE AND TORTURE METHODS TO CONTROL AND OVERCOME THOSE POOR "Criatures that keep been killed and tortured and eliminate by the hands of the Evil , HEARTLESS & Hypocritical of Humans"!!)

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