How powerful is a dog’s nose? – Inside the Animal Mind – BBC


Just how powerful is a dog’s sense of smell.? Today, search dog Fern is going to test out her senses to see if she can find a canister filled with pork meat – in the middle of a lake, under 7 meters of water and mud.

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  1. They really are mans best friend. It's almost like mankind and dogs/wolves were an original symbiotic relationship that was meant to compliment each other. It's really cool how we can train them to (basically) speak to us about what they are smelling and where things are located. Not to mention their guardianship over us as well.

  2. I apologize for my above comment pertaining to interference with another channel's inappropriate piano music. Another triumph oh the internet.  Put my dog to sleep!!!

  3. First think about the laws of physics. How do the molecules of meat succeed in rising vertically through all the water so that they sit directly on top of the can that they came out of? Then think about the dog's relationship to its handler – who is there in the boat instructing the guy with the tiller and who was the one who put the can of meat into the lake in the first place.

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