Hunting Lesson – Wildlife Specials: Lions – Spy in the Den – BBC


A team of lionesses give the pride’s young a hunting lesson. Although they will have to wait in line behind the adult males before getting a taste of their labours. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. am from morocco
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  2. That`s the least they can get for protecting the pride. If the male is hungry, and he sees an easy meal….he will take it. After all, male lions are not as good a hunter as the females, having a big mane which makes it harder to sneak upon prey, and they are slower….which makes it difficult to capture most prey, as many will be faster than the male. Sometimes it`s easier to just steal a meal.

    That would be a stupid reason to shoot the lion for.

  3. do u really think just because human values are to share that every other animal should have our values? Its nature, the male is the dominant one so he eats first, its how it works sorry to say.

  4. How in the world do they shoot it? I mean videotaping..?
    PS, the lion is worst than any pig. Taking away the pray from the female.. I'd shoot it only for that.

  5. And people say that animals cannot experience emotions and feelings. At 2:41, I, a human, could perfectly ascertain the emotion being felt by that lioness, namely: "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, A FRACKING LION IS CHASING ME!"

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