India’s Dalit Revolution – 101 East


India’s Dalit Revolution – 101 East

For millennia, Hindu’s lowest caste, the Dalits, have been trapped in a social system that forces them to do the lowest, dirtiest jobs.

Now, in Gujarat, the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the biggest Dalit movement in over 50 years is rising.

Its aim is to go nationwide, with an unprecedented call for 166 million Dalits across India to seek change and throw off the chains of religious and social repression.

With unfettered access to this growing protest movement, 101 East investigates the Dalits’ struggle and the restrictions imposed upon them by caste, law and government.

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  1. One of india's states doing these things dosen't mean all indians are treating Dalits this way.Stop being IGNORANT. They just love degrading indians.ย Everyone just looking for a reasonย to hate indians.

  2. And we also have a Dalit IAS topper(a Bureaucrat entrance examination) who got this achievement due to Dalit reservation…..but the hard fact is inspite of helping the downtrodden dalits she is a glamour idol on Youtube…..god save my india

  3. tribe ,culture ,race and beliefs are facade…india need a revolution , a mass revolution,dalit kashmiris and others should stand up for their life

  4. Oh Yeah ! I hear some people saying that VHP, RSS is contributing something to Indian Dalits . So true. VHP, RSS contribute to our country by beating Dalits or killing people for eating beef. Good luck to those radicals. This is how we define as a contribution and development . Great !. I'm glad that I live in United States, I'm not going to killed for eating beef almost everyday.
    Ridiculous enough…Radical Hindus demand everyone to respect their belief by ceasing from eating beef while they upset Monotheists by following Polytheism. But ya'll know , it's majority .. Crazy world

  5. This is really sad. I hope India goes on improving and being an example to the world on how to overcome the problems inherited from the past. I feel sorry for those who suffer and understand that change usually doesn't come as fast as one wish, and I hope that if they ever decide to leave India they are welcome to wherever they move.
    I feel that India, as much as my country, needs a throughout land reform.

  6. Where I went to school, they had 50% reserved seats for lower castes, they gave money to lower castes, reserved jobs for lower castes. So wth are these people talking about when they say the government does not help them? Or they have no opportunities? They have more opportunities than the upper caste people!

  7. …and aljazeera comes up with another video that shows India esp. hindus in bad light… Of course caste system is a plague that has affected the Indian society. Things need to be changed.
    … But this so biased I'm sorry this is biased
    I mean if you are dalit then you don't get the job…. I mean too much

  8. Hindu Supremacists are straight up monsters, why would anyone want to be in a religion where they are treated as dogs? Only hindu supremacists in the comments are saying bias this bias that, they're the one's that want to continue to subjugate Dalits & religouse minorities

  9. Caste system is not Created by religion, it is created by human of certain group to gain advantage in the society. And Dalit is not within Hindu original caste system Varna (Hinduism), real Hindu would had know it well.

  10. The facts in the documentary are not fool proof dailts in India enjoy every help from govt from free education to quotas system for them !! this is completely false!1

  11. India has such a bad reputation on …caste , they will never move on if the don't leave this stupid system ….. thing is that people actually accept this in human people …in human country

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