Insect Returns From The Dead – Wild New Zealand – BBC Earth


The Mountain Stone Weta, boasts perhaps the most extraordinary survival technique of all – the ability to come back from the dead. With the aid of a specialized filming chamber we are able to witness stunning footage of life slowly returning to this frozen insect.

Taken From wild New Zealand

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  1. So this creature and those proteins are probably of key importance to freezing people/their bodies down to preserve them and then bringing them back to life in the future – or what? Fascinating no matter what tho : )

  2. Idiotic commentary: "they were forced to come up with this ingenious form of survival". NO! The hand of Almighty God did it and the creepy crawley was not "FORCED" to come up with anything! These bombastic commentaries which bow their wimpy knee to the fairy tale of evolution is nothing but a vain attempt to push God out of the picture altogether.

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