Inside a captured Islamic State suicide vehicle


Sam Kiley guides us around an abandoned VBIED – vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. This suicide vehicle was captured off Islamic State by Peshmerga fighters.

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  1. It's a lot of things, but "well built and carefully thought out" this is not. Just a bunch of metal thrown together to create a make shift armored VBIED.. Btw, that cage armor is perfectly spaced for RPG penetration. About a foot. 🙂

  2. imagine someone buying it( of course without the explosives) and then driving on Europe roads.. what would be the reaction of lets say.. police 😀

    Ce véhicule (Utilitaire) est a vendre 1000 § en plus le contrôle technique est ok
    ZÉRO Default..
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    °°Pratique et Efficace.. °°
    °°Consomme un peu beaucoup°°

  4. The reporter says Figure out how it is put together, So they know how to destroy it. Answer Thick steel and a good welder, They're battling a low income warrior I think there morale inside has more armour then that wrecking ball.

  5. Looks like it was built primarily for carrying infantry and supplies. Would be far too impractical to use all that for VBIED's regularly.

  6. Crude but effective, it's how the IS horde managed to instill fear during their 2013-2014 blitz across Iraq.

    Thankfully they are getting their asses kicked by the civilized world.

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