Inside A London Refugee Hostel


Here’s a look inside a London hostel that homes migrants and refugees seeking a new life, free from harm in the UK.

Watch Sky News’ full Immigration Street special report here:

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  1. They come to your country fleeing tyranny Then they scream, kick and cary on until the get every changed to suit them, using the discrimination ticket if anyone else says anything (In Australia Muslims are excused from singing the national anthem) Unfortunately the all bring with them a culture of violence and destruction I,m not young and since i can remember the middle east has been a blood bath, It can't all be the fault of Nato the US, their basic culture is violent
    Europe just let in millions, in huge humanitarian effort, and look how its rewarded

  2. 1) Ive had cockroaches and mice at home
    2) Ive lived in my summer home while it had a leaky roof
    3) I can make my own bed and clean up after myself (unlike these people)

    Compared to the conditions of my 1 year military conscription they have got it pretty good. We had 10 guys living in something like a 10x10m room. During lights out 1 guy on the third bunk had plaster fall from the ceiling into his bed. It wasnt unbearable or inhumane.

  3. 'They'll usually spend their first few days in the UK at a hostel like this' – before being bused up North and dumped on cities and communities there! If Cameron wants refugees then let them go to his constituency in Oxfordshire!

  4. If sky doesn't like it then why don't they dig their hand in their pocket and show the government how it's done,
    Or rent a bus and take the poor blighters to the airport and buy them a ticket home.

  5. One gets the impression watching this video, that Sky News is implying some sort of scandal is in the making because of a leaky ceiling or a few roaches. I wonder how many refugees Sky News management has offered to shelter in their sumptuous corporate headquarters, or how many refugees Sky News employees have invited to quarter in their homes, or on their property?

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