Inside Iran | Special Report


Sky News has been given unprecedented access inside Iran, a deeply conservative nation that is undergoing radical change.

From rare access to one of Tehran’s most conservative Mosques, to a brand new shopping mall to part of Iran’s burgeoning skating scene, witness how this nation is evolving.

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  1. They say they "love Western culture" – that seems to mean materialism and bling bling and they seem to have plenty of that. They also love their backward cult, and say Americans kill black people – which is ridiculous. But, great. There's no reason for them to come to America and can take in all the muslim migrants from Africa.

  2. IRAN never got rid of the ARABS!!! This has always been the problem and that is why Brits used it Against Iranians. They destroyed our country with religion. Who would have think our Beloved SHSH and IRAN should suffer like this. BUT everything changes and even thou I know IRANIAN has no chance in many years to come. I know in my hart By Knowing IRANIAN HISTORY that ONE DAY REAL PERSIANS, REAL ARIANS WILL GET THEIR CONTRY BACK FROM BRITS AND MULLA's

  3. I love Iranian people form Iraq … and i think the shia should be friendly for Israel ,UK and USA ..all respect to Iran / your brother from Iraq

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