Inside Story – Can Iraq’s Kurdish region gain independence?


The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq says the date to hold an independence referendum has been set and won’t be changed.

That was in response to a request by US secretary of state Rex Tillerson to postpone the referendum.

During a telephone call on Thursday, Tillerson told Masoud Barzani that he favours dialogue instead, between the Kurdish region and the Iraqi government.

The US and other Western nations are worried the vote, could lead to renewed conflict with the Iraqi government in Baghdad and distract the Kurds from fighting ISIL.

Turkey, Iran and Syria which also have large Kurdish populations all oppose an independent Kurdish state.

So, could this vote lead to an independent Kurdish state? and what will that mean for Iraq and the region?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Dindar Zebari – Deputy Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Ahmed Rushdi – Director of the House of Iraqi Expertise Foundation.

Dlawer Ala’Aldeen – President of the Middle East Institute.

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  1. It is quite Coherent Israel behind this policy and divisive political military strategy in the region. Kurdish terrorist leaders should not be allowed to do what they are doing. Sometimes I wonder, Saddam was right and he had the right attitude toward these people. Pity he is not alive to see what happen after him.

  2. If it was no help from Iran and their central government, ISIS would still be there. Soon Iran Iraq Syria will occupy the the Iraqi Kurdistan and disarm the Kurds and if Turkey join the occupation and meet resistance it can real ugly.
    In UN the vote will be veto and will not pass. Poor Kurds are being manipulated over and over by their best friend US, UK and recently by Israel. at the end of the day, it will be no US and Israel influence for ever in the area.
    The other important fact Barzani double crossed his people by selling the Oil right to the elite Cabal

  3. Watched national geographic.. saw a peshmerga decapitated… No doubt Kurdistan deserves to protect itself when iraq cannot protect them… I dont mean to disrespect iraqi army but it is also the peshmerga who rescued many christians during the fight against isis so again another score for kurds also turks just watch the kurds while isis is killing them… Kurds deserves to become a estate… 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  4. ood luck to the beloved Kurdish people ..
    You deserve a large country that will contain all the 35 million you,
    A state that will also be established in Syria, Iran, Turkey …
    Everywhere there are Kurds there is your right to the state,
    Long live the great Kurdistan that will gain independence in all districts,
    Inshallah God will be with you

  5. The KRG will be a landlocked nation with no access to trading routes. Right now the KRG is going through a major financial crisis, unable to pay its own government workers or the Peshmerga. Turkey is currently the KRG's biggest trading partner. How will the KRG function as a political entity with Turkey, Iran and Iraq closing it's borders and airspace ? It just seems very unlikely and unrealistic.

  6. There will be no friend of kurds in time, not persians, not arabs, or usa and israel. They all know that only turks can give support them and help them, do not forget when saddam attack kurds, how turkey help kurds, give shelter, food, even send arms to fight, do not forget after usa invasion, turkey build northern kurdistan, turkey pay their salary, give arms, train them, sell their petrol, build their cities and inftrastucture, sell food and other vital needs. Do not forget turks what they have done. i am not mixing kurds with these civilian and baby killer pkk and ypg, in turkey kurds are everywhere, just in istanbul there are 3 million kurd. As a Turk who has many kurdish friend. Just do not forget real friend and do not forget the enemy usarael. Who arms payyed merchaneri kurdish group to caos the region. Do not let my kurdish friends this region get more caos. There will be no winner in region but usarael.

  7. To you kurde, many of you are going to be killed and no one will help you …. so my advice to you is fack the dream, about,remember has never been and never will be.Kurdistan…take my advice.


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