Inside Story – How damaging are the email leaks from the UAE ambassador to the US? – Inside Story


How damaging are the email leaks from the UAE ambassador to the US? – Inside Story

The Arabian Peninsula is a confusing place right now.

Qatar’s neighbours have cut long-standing alliances overnight.

And another historically strong alliance between the UAE and US is being strained by emails which have been leaked.

In the third disclosure within a week, email from the inbox of the UAE’s ambassador to the US show direct criticism of President Donald Trump.

Previous leaks attacked Kuwait, Qatar and Iran.

What are the ramifications?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Sultan Barakat, Director of the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Richard Weitz, director of the Center for Political Military Analysis, Hudson Institute

Luciano Zaccara, Assistant Professor of Gulf Politics, Qatar University

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  1. The game plan, is Qatar will wake up, finding American Special Forces flying around in Black Hawk helicopters seizing parliamentary and government buildings, and a new puppet regime installed and Al Jazeera will be offline

  2. Notice all these "experts" are Quatar paid hacks and that this comes from Quatar owned Al Jezeera: this is total propaganda against the UAE, Egypt, & Saudi Arabia!

  3. The only way Qatar's disputes with its neighbors can be resolved is if Al Jazeera abandoned its mission of changing the world through journalistic activism. Egypt blames AJ for the success of the so-called revolution against Mubarak, and the powers in the neighbors fear the same fate await them if they cannot contain the activism perpetrated by Qatar. I am afraid the AJ will be dissolved as a way out of this crisis, and if that happens, then the Western media would have a moral responsibility to fill the vacuum.

  4. Aljazeera I used to respect this channel but NO MORE
    you keep dragging your so called allies like that and that's one reason why your brothers Arabian gulf allies cut ties, you are making things worse for yourself.
    UAE SA Bahrain and other Arabs have given you one too many passes yet you keep this dirty compaign and then act shocked by countries reactions.
    if Qatar have an issue with other GCC countries then go to the table and talk it out and fix it but making more propaganda will not solve anything its just going to make our enemies happier.

  5. uae is terrorist country uae is the epicentre of all the problems in region. sheikh muhammad of dubai and sheikh muhammad bin Zayed of abu dhabi are the main culprit. The main ruler of uae sheikh Khalifa is under house arrest by muhammad bin Zayed.

  6. funny how you aren't mentioning how your Arab neighbors are calling out Quatar and Al Jazeera as a problem. Looks like it's game over for your little propaganda racket.

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