Inside Story – Inside Story – What’s the human cost of the Gulf row with Qatar?


Inside Story – What’s the human cost of the Gulf row with Qatar?

“A violation of freedom of expression,” – that’s what Human Rights Watch has called the crackdown by three Gulf countries against people who criticise them on social media.

Bahrain has jailed one of its citizens for comments made on social media after it passed a controversial law criminalising sympathy with Qatar, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE have threatened similar punishments as the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf worsens.

Together with Egypt, the four countries severed diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5 and imposed a land, sea, and air blockade.

Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee says since then, more than 13,000 citizens from the three Gulf countries living in Qatar have been affected, with the rights group receiving 155 complaints from mixed families separated by the travel ban.
The committee also says it’s received reports of at least 764 human rights violations.

So what’s the human cost of the blockade against Qatar? And what will be the long-term impact?

Presenter: Jane Dutton

Saeed Al-Shehabi – Bahraini activist and leader of the Bahrain Free Movement.

Khalil Jahshan – Executive director of the Arab Center of Washington.

Saad Djebbar – International lawyer.

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  1. Do this the present U.S President remember that 15 out of 19 terrorists of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia? what was the role of Saudi Arabia in the people uprising in Baharin a few years back?

  2. bravo abu naklhan kiling pipol sirija jemen irak dron politika filozofija amerika izrel hangti demoni 21,st 1991 invazija irak izrel 2006 libanon palestina zilozofija amerika en izrel kiling pipol go cajna en korea destroid cajna kotrja amerika

  3. Sure you don't like it but the human cost is Qatar whom owns your channel is financing terrorism no question and the cost of that is human life your report is a joke

  4. What an Incredible Time for these Educated and Scholarly Men and all Arab (Shariah) Nations around the world to practice what you "*Just Preached*". Injustice is a two way {sword}- *correction-Street.

  5. Even if Qatar is guilty, the way these countries Saudis, Emirates and Bahrain is acting with no warning time show how cruel and short sighted they are. They solely tow US line without consideration for human suffering!

  6. qatar is doomed….rap list is too long ..tarnished for ever……qatar's beginning of the end…Multi-nationals it's best time to leave now…..NEVER SUPPORT EVER MESS AROUND WITH TERRORISM IN ANY FORM………..Trump is right and he has endorsed it.

  7. The end time of the evil rulers of Saudi Arabia the UAE Bahrain and others are around the corner, they will be brought down soon, so they can go on and play around for a while before they end up losing everything they never thought end up losing.
    I give them a few more years.

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