Inside Story – What is the legacy of Indian subcontinent partition?


The 14th of August 1947 was the historic day when British colonial rule ended and India won its independence.

A new nation was also born – Pakistan. The border lines created on a hastily drawn map.

What followed was on an unprecedented level – 15 million people swapped countries as Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs feared discrimination if they stayed where they were. The mass migration cost more than a million lives.

There have been three wars between India and Pakistan since Independence Day, divided Kashmir remains disputed, and religious and ethnic intolerance continues.

But that has not stopped the celebrations throughout the two countries. A 31-gun salute marked the occasion in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Raza Karim – international lawyer and activist based in Lahore, Pakistan

Gurharpal Singh – professor of Sikh and Punjab studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK

Uday Bhaskar – director, Society for Policy Studies, New Delhi, India

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  1. 3 wars? Al Jazeera we expect better from you. 4 wars have been fought between the two countries . Get your facts straight before reporting a piece on this issue. Credibility is still a thing cherished in India.

  2. British India was an empire more than 30 nations lived in the raj. Even British directly control roughly 60% of the Raj rest was under princes. If borders were not drawn on religious lines then it might on linguistic lines

  3. brothers brothers brothers…..the true story is the british wanted us to be revival. whatever they did intentionally they did. they still want us to spill mud at each other. Be united and live friendly.

  4. India´s success was to adopt a secular constitution although it has 80% Hindus. Its leaders deliberately kept military men from politics. India has almost 800 languages and all possible religions. It has matriarchy family system in South and North East. I hope that nationalism propagated by BJP and RSS will not become faschism like in Germany in 1940s.

  5. This time also, solution for the issue must come from India as Pakistan has no way to think that way and nor the capability. A statement from the stature of President or Prime Minister should start with acknowledging our fight and conflict within. And to resolve India should offer education, training, cultural, tourism, medical support to Pakistanis without immediately doing it. And wait for the comment and response from Pakistan Govt. This will definitely open a gateway as neither India nor Pakistan general population hate each other and wish to live together. Pakistan must acknowledge that they are left behind in the race of growth overall. and the the moment they accept it, mentality and attitude will change and that will be icebreaker,,nothing else. Some will be left behind but they will not be able to influence majority…and then both of us will grow together and show the world our real worth in world

  6. We r happy that India got partitioned and these uncivilized , barbarian and illegal children of gaznavis went away to Pakistan. Thank u Jinnah. Sometime evil people like u end up doing a good job , unintentionally.

  7. older pakistani generation is more truthfull and less delusional. They know there true identity but this new generation of pakistan the one which grew up to propaganda and basis its hate towards india on the basis of views of foreign countries on social media.

  8. one man is responsible for the condition of pakistan General Mohamad zia ul Haque who converted the country into a religious fanatics state. Now Pakistan is standing at the point of no return. intelligent and educated people will be sidelined and fanatic Mullas will take control of the nation. It will be a failed state run by ISIS and gradually civil war will set in

  9. In Pakistan the percentage of minority's has gone down dramatically while in India it has gone up . Hence Minority's are better off in India than in Pakistan.

  10. Minority is different in India and Pakistan. India does not differentiate on caste basis in every walks of life. COW vigilantism is happening as GOVT is not able to identify and curb the illegal COW slaughter. COW slaughter is banned in many states but still some minorities do KILL COW for the beef business.

  11. Same race different religion i blame the British for deliberately leaving their colony knowingly there is different religions, ethnic, and culture in South Asia. Same thing happen in South EAst Asia not like this but similar the Brit divide the land and create country without considering religion, race and ethnic it create chaos.

  12. Our beloved Pakistan <3 United we stand,together we fall.
    Happy Indepence to all my Pakistani Brothers/sisters . Pakistan rehti dunya tak qaimOdaim rahy ga.Insha'Allah .
    (A Pakistani Kashmiri)


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