Inside Story – What rights do airline passenger have?


The cost of purchasing cheap tickets on low-cost airlines has proven costly for hundreds of thousands of passengers.
Ryanair, Europe’s biggest budget airline recently cancelled some 2000 flights.
The company says the decision was because of a scheduling blunder among its pilots and cabin crew.
Well, as you can imagine, that decision sparked immediate outrage from frustrated passengers.
The CEO, Michael O’Leary, was forced to apologise – saying Ryanair ‘messed up’.
To make matters worse, travel insurance companies have told many of the travellers that hotel and car rental cancellations will not be covered. The flight cancellations are expected to last until the end of October.

So, what can passengers do to protect their rights?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Simon Calder – The Independent’s Travel Editor.

Terry Tozer – A former airline Pilot.

Gabor Lukacs – Air passenger rights Advocate.

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  1. My point of view is that these problems are only the responsibility of the managers of these airlines, they offer tickets at a cheaper price, sometimes these low-cost airlines, with these offers disable the possibilities in which other airlines in competition, and that they can not offer low prices can sell their tickets at real prices.
    They are irresponsible fantasies of these airlines that can not even afford the salaries of the pilots, because they do not do a serious market study of the demand that comes as an avalanche, when they see this, the pilots of these airlines have more traffic, ask for pay raise and not just them. In short must be airlines be punished with the maximum expression of the law because it is a scam

  2. Its realy easy guys, either you pay cheap and get exactly that, or you pay a higher price with other airline and get more quality. Cant realy blame the airlines.

  3. Strange a Qatar TV station reporting on this when they are refusing to pay the compensation i am entitled to after being delayed! I wouldnt recommend using Qatar airways. how they are suppose to be the best in the world is beyond me. you only have to see on their facebook page to see the amount of people complaining

  4. I have a outstanding issue with Qatar who failed to provide Hotel room on a stay over 16h and I was forced to sit in a chair most of the time, they offered me 50usd I told I want a full refund or same kind ticket ( biz class return Asia – Eur )

  5. get some balls people.. beyond the lame treatment of airlines..we ignorantly go through so called 'security'
    in airports with no question..passing through body scanners as though they are safe and like they do not
    take away our personal freedoms. Opt out of body scanners and complain of how we are being treated with
    the so called security proceedings. There are no terrorist threats .. those who differ…put your money where your mouth is.

  6. Now a days passenger didn't get right from airlines . I'm seen Malaysian , Malinda airlines always late like two ours. Malinda airlines food is too bed you can't eat . When I'm went Malaysian airlines HQ and asking why they are late? They are answer don't know about this !!!

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